Does watching Chris Matthews make people stupid? Or do you have to be stupid to watch Chris Matthews?


Jill wants to know if maybe watching Hardball is like smoking pot?

The same thing might apply to chronic Chris Matthews viewers. How else to account for his having any audience at all, however miniscule? I watched the two clips that are going around (here andhere) and almost felt sorry for this pathetic man who has been given a microphone for no apparent reasons other than his penchant for talking rudely over his guests and his rabid liberalism. Stacy McCain on that:

In case you didn’t realize it, the only claim Matthews has to being a journalist is that he is a partisan Democrat. Matthews never worked a day as a reporter, never covered a city council meeting or a homecoming parade. After evading the Vietnam-era military draft by enrolling in the Peace Corps, Matthews moved to Washington and worked on the staff of various congressional Democrats before unsuccessfully running for Congress as a Democrat, later joining the White House staff as a speechwriter for Democrat Jimmy Carter, then spending the Reagan years as a top aide to Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neill. Somehow, this ultra-political background as a partisan operative qualified Matthews for the job of Washington bureau chief for the San Francisco Chronicle. Such is the biography of the man who has been employed for the past 15 years as a “journalist” by NBC, hosting his own show on the network’s little-watched MSNBC cable franchise while appearing regularly on the broadcast network during coverage of major political events.

Matthews is a punch line to a bad joke, as is his network. He has an opinion show, I get that, so objectivity is not something I expect from him. But he is so intellectually dishonest, and vacuous that people only watch because they are as demented as Matthews and actually believe his race baiting rants, or to laugh as they watch the train wreck that IS Hardball. Every night Matthews, and the rest of the hosts on MSNBS haul in some intellectually bankrupt Leftist windbag to explore some left-wing fantasy or another. Usually, it is to try to paint the GOP as RAAAAACIST, and sexist, and backwards, and blah, blah, blah. And they never fail to delve deeper into absurdity each day.

That is the only reason to watch, unless you are some reality-deprived Leftist tool of course. I call MSNBS the Tree of Low-Hanging Blogging Fruit because you can find material there in almost endless supply. And, as the campaign draws towards November, they are just going to become more unhinged


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