Republicans and their Akin-Breakin’ Hearts

Oh what to do about Missouri GOP Senatorial candidate, and current Representative Todd Akin and his gaffetastic statement about women, rape and abortion. First here is the comments that has him in hot water

Some Conservatives are saying that Akin ought to depart his race to unseat Claire McCaskill. Michelle Malkin, for example

The question for Republicans in Missouri is whether sticking by self-inflicted-wounded Akin is more important than securing a U.S. Senate majority.

Michelle’s basic point is this. Retaking the Senate is more important than sticking by Akin. There is a lot of merit to that. William Teach, however, has a differing view

You have many Republicans calling for him to give it up. Sean Hannity sounded like he wanted Akin to abandon his campaign earlier on the radio. Republicans and Crossroads GPS have apparently pulled out. National Review has called on Akin to step aside. So does Scott Brown. And John Cornyn. Many Republicans and Conservatives have gone all squishy as they so often due in the face of adversity.

Fortunately, some are standing up for Akin, such as social conservatives (of which I’ve been critical in the past). This is what we should all be doing. To be impolite and risk alienation, Republicans need to grow a spine. Akin is up 11 over McCaskill. Go on the offensive, bring up her Obamacare and Stimulus votes (among others), and highlight her “forgetting” to pay her taxes while demonizing “rich” people. For f*ck’s sake, you have a president who is quick to insult American citizens, especially Conservatives, and often in a nasty way. He called Americans lazy and soft. He said Americans “aren’t thinking clearly.” I could go on and on and on. Who will you replace Akin with? Bueller? Bueller? You replace him now and it is a guaranteed loss.

Buck up and stand up.

PS: Akin has a lifetime rating with the American Conservative Union of 97.24. He’s been helpful way more than hurtful. Maybe this is the kind of Conservative we need.

I love the sentiment Teach expresses here. The fact is we, Republicans, DO throw up our hands too quickly, and we DO, lose our heads over gaffes Republican candidates make. there is, I fear, a culture of accepting lower standards in the GOP, especially amongst the establishment types. I, like Teach, am pretty damned tired of that. Of course, to be fair, so is Malkin. 

Dana Loesch makes a solid point too

Akin is a pro-life candidate thus leans towards life when discussion abortion. It’s not shocking knowledge to Missourians who selected him as the GOP nominee for senate and lean towards him in the latest polling. Democrats want to make social issues the focus on the campaign as opposed to the economy, where they’re losing, and Akin’s interview gave them them the momentary opportunity they needed to shift attention away from the lagging economy. 

Was Akin’s “misspeech” ridiculous? Of course. Is it worse than the misdeeds of his opponent, Claire McCaskill, who rubber-stamps Obama’s war on Missouri coal jobs and tripled our deficit? Not by conservative standards, or any real standard of measurement. 

Dana is correct we HAVE made his comments worse than they actually were, I hate that we allow ourselves to play the Democrats game like this.

William Jacobson sides with the “Akin should drop out” side here is some of his take

 it’s clear that Akin has become a national liability, in part because his apology was round-about, in part because Republicans are not forgiven as easily as Democrats (remember how the press and Democrats reacted to allegations of rape made against Bill Clinton), and in part because Republicans who control the money and political leadership have been left with no choice but to do everything withing their power to distance themselves.

So, what to do? I lean, at least my heart does, more towards siding with William Teach here. Akin does possess that solid record, he does have that significant lead, and Claire McCaskill  is an incredibly weak candidate, with a record that voters will want to boot out. So, yes, go on the offensive, focus on her record, and Akin’s. But, here is the seminal point. If he is going to be thrown overboard, and certainly PLENTY of Conservatives are throwing him overboard, then he really has zero chance. So, maybe, in this case it is best he take his leave.

Stacy McCain weighs in and places much of the blame for this mess on the GOP establishment

This horrible botch can be blamed squarely on the Missouri GOP Establishment, which lined up behind Akin against Tea Party-backed — and Sarah Palin-endorsed – candidate Sarah Steelman in the primary two weeks ago.

Mike Rathbone at Hot Air: “Hey, I Voted for Steelman.” More than 60 percent of Missouri GOP  primary voters voted for either Steelman or businessman John Brunner.

UPDATE II: National Review is calling for Akin to “step aside” and the terrible thing, from a Republican standpoint, is how unnecessary this disaster was. It was an unforced error in an easily winnable race against an unpopular Democrat incumbent, and it was caused by the predictably timid Republican impulse to back the “safe” candidate who, as in so many previous instances, proved to be not really safe after all.


I can tolerate a lot of things in politics, but I despise incompetence.

All I can do is sigh. McCain is right about that. Stacy also points out something I thought when I watched video of Akin’s statement. Why the Hell didn’t he take the right route in answering?

Whenever supporters of abortion start throwing up arguments based on exceptions, the proper response is to point out that well over 90 percent of abortions have nothing whatsoever to do with such exceptions, but are strictly a matter of choice: post-conception birth control. And the pre-Roe history demonstrated that permitting abortion under specific exceptions resulted in those exceptions being abused. The rape exception resulted in false accusations of rape, and the “health” exception resulted in doctors fictionalizing health risks, including false determinations of mental health risks.

If we can ever come to a consensus as a society that abortion is a homicidal act that ought to be against the law, then we might start having a productive conversation about ending it. However, so long as we have “respectable” people who advocate abortion as a good thing — indeed, as a pseudo-sacred constitutional “right” — no meaningful discussion is possible.

The “respectable” people who advocate abortion are paid for their advocacy, and have an articulate elite to echo their viewpoint, while those who speak on behalf of the sanctity of life — well, we’ve got dumbass Republicans like Todd Akin, you see.

Just another quick thought, if Akin does step aside, and I think he will, who would run in his place? Would that candidate have a legitimate shot to win? The election is just over two months away.

UPDATE! Gateway Pundit has some names of possible replacements

State Auditor Tom Schweich and Congressional candidate Ann Wagner are being mentioned as a replacement.

John Ashcroft, Jim Talent, and Kit Bond are also being mentioned as replacement candidates.


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