When a heart breaker like Kim Kardashian comes between bloggers

Donald Douglas, of American Power and The Reaganite Republican are in the midst of a Rule 5 war over the hotness, or not, of one Kim Kardashian. Douglas approves, highly of Ms. Kardashian, while Reaganite is less than impressed



My good friend Reaganite took issue with my recent Kim Kardashian blogging:

This one never did anything for me – NO class…

And I responded:

Are you kidding, she’s got a body that won’t quit!

And Reaganite replies:

More plastic in her than your wife’s Honda lol…

My wife drives the Jeep, actually, but that’s beside the point, ha!

Frankly, I thought Kim was all natural.

Sad, two bloggers fighting over a Reality TV “star” Allow me to weigh in here, because I see both sides. I agree with Reaganite that Kim is, well, not a gal I would ever date, and she is, like many people today, all about publicity, and she, in my view does not have a whole lot of depth or class. So, plastic IS a great way to describe her.

Of course, Douglas is correct too. Kim is a lovely gal, with a beautiful face, and a great body too. She really is a stunning woman. Sad that her butt is her most “publicized” feature, because it is, TOO DAMN BIG! It strikes me as odd that here you have a woman with an incredibly gorgeous face, beautiful hair, sultry eyes, and, other than her over-sized rump, a smoking body, yet the one physical attribute that is least attractive, gets all the attention, and looks is not the only area where we are focusing on the wrong things. We are a society that overlooks real beauty, talent, quality, and depth and focuses on the flashy, the phony, the shallow or what we think should be popular. I could go on and on, trust me, just turn on your TV and try NOT to find some insidiously stupid “reality” show. Turn on your radio to any “pop” station and try to find a song that actually takes any musical ability to perform.

Like I said, I could go on, and on, and, well you get the idea so let me close with a few pics of Kim Kardashian, the woman who divides bloggers!



2 thoughts on “When a heart breaker like Kim Kardashian comes between bloggers”

  1. Ummm . . . her butt is too damn big?

    Not simply no, my friend, but hell no. And it isn’t even close.

    She may be shallow, she may have quite a few other faults, but the chick is beautiful in the face (as you admitted). However, her body is even more beautiful. Just an incredible physical package.

  2. I think that butt goes perfect in balance. What, you like little boy butts? A woman has got to have some butt!

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