DaleyGator DaleyBabe Tori Praver leads us on a Rule 5 Journey

Some others Rule fiving it this week

The Other McCain had their Rule 5 Sunday, on Monday last week

Bob Belvedere appreciates the adorable Rashida Jones

Donald Douglas links this video of US soccer star Alex Morgan posing in body paint

William each has his Sunday Pin-Up going on

Of course, that in no way atones for Donald posting links to a video of the talentless she-beast Lady Gaga When asked the age old question of “would ya?” about Lady Gaga, I answer HELL NO!

Pirates Cove has another “If all you see…” post up, mocking members of Al Gore’s Church Cult of Global Warming Climate Change that features the Dutch women’s field hockey team. I must admit, I did not think of climate change looking at said photo. But, I have decided that if I were overwhelmed and kidnapped by the Dutch women’s filed hockey team, I would be cool with that!

Speaking of hot Dutch women, check out Rio Norte!

As usual Theo has lots of Totty

Fritz likes the tax policies of one Laetitia Casta

I’m 41 likes Croatian basketball? Or This hot Croatian basketball player

NeoSexist wishes Angie Harmon a happy birthday

Pitsnipes has a hottie with an “assault weapon”

POH celebrates beach volleyball

American Perspective likes Duchess Kate

Classic Liberal enjoys Amy Smart

The Eye is on Sofia Vergara

Proof Positive wonders if a woman named Elisabetta Canalis can be anything but hot

Guns and Bikinis seems to endorse same sex couples, as long as it is two hot women

Hookers and Booze has, well about what you might expect from a blog called Hookers and Booze

Randy has his Thursday Tart

Reaganite Republican has yet another Fox News Babe

Zions Trumpet has some pretty faces to admire

TeresAmerica has Jenna Jameson

The Chive has hot girls, in the middle of nowhere

More updates later

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