NBC coverage of Olympics causes outbreak of Offendeditis, Racial Obsession Syndrome

Offendeditis: A Liberal Malady, diagnosed by Doug Hagin, that causes sufferers to constantly be offended, often over nothing. Most commonly associated with Liberals. Most of those afflicted seem happy only when they are offended.

Racial Obsession Syndrome (R.O.S.): A Liberal Malady, first discovered and diagnosed by Doug Hagin, that causes those afflicted, usually Liberals, to see racism everywhere, even if none exists. Also causes delusions of victimhood, and a demented belief that America is incurably racist.

Ah yes, Gabby Douglas wins a gold medal in the all-around gymnastics competition, way to go Gabby, and right after her medal ceremony, a commercial is run that features a monkey doing gymnastics. Will the Left laugh and say that is a cute commercial? Or will they scream RAAAAACISM? What do you think?

There’s lots of things one can complain about regarding the XXX Summer Games (snort). Most have seen the spectacular fail from NBC, no point in rehashing it. But, seriously?

Did NBC Just Air A Racist Commercial?

After Gabby Douglas won the gold and Bob Costas spoke about how amazing this was for the first African-American to win the women’s all-around gymnastics title, NBC aired a commercial of a Monkey doing gymnastics which has caused quite a stir. Racist, or just bad timing? Tons of people on Twitter seemed to think it was more on the racist side.

You can view some of the tweets at the link. It is very sad that so many people are locked into being offended. We have become such an overly sensitive society haven’t we? Ed Driscoll makes a fine point about those screaming RAAAAACISM, it is their problem.

Sigh. It was a commercial. As Ed Driscoll explains

While NBC will likely be forced to grovel an apology, even a fake “we’re sorry if you were offended” effort, they also have a chance to push back against this if they want, and remind viewers that:

1. Commercials and the main TV programming they sponsor are two separate entities; if you’re seeing a connection between the two, that’s your problem. And:

2. If you’re associating African-Americans with monkeys — or you think that we do — that’s really your problem.


3 thoughts on “NBC coverage of Olympics causes outbreak of Offendeditis, Racial Obsession Syndrome”

  1. It’s about time somebody tells the liberals to get a life. If they find American fans at the Olympics chanting “U-S-A” , all other displays of American patriotism, or even a little bit of levity offensive, their lack of pride and/or a sense of humor is obvious and it’s unattractive. You’ve got to have some fun in life. Sheesh!

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