A classic example of why we are in debt


The Wyblog has just one example of how the feds are pissing our money away

Forget crumbling infrastructure, Feds send NJ millions of dollars for bike lanes

Yes, bike lanes.

Millions of dollars in federal grants were announced today for New Jersey and elsewhere to pay for a wide range of highway improvement projects.

–$532,566 to create bike lanes along the proposed Morris Canal Greenway in Clifton and Paterson and to help upgrade sidewalks and install 1,600 information signs.

–$501,116 to install identification signs along the seven designated New Jersey byways.

–$286,400 to create pedestrian and bicycle linkages across Interstate 280 and its frontage streets in Orange.

–$259,120 to install signs on major roadways that provide the most direct route to the seven byways. Signs are to help people unfamiliar with the area and guide visitors to access points along the byways.

Because rebuilding all those crumbling bridges won’t stop Globull Warming.

Our government Stuck on Stoopit!


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