Out: climate change. In: dirty weather

Old Al Gore is preaching a new sermon to his flock at The Gore Cult of Global Warming Climate Change Dirty Weather. William Teach exposes Gore’s latest load of BS!

(Al Gore’s (big energy sucking) Journal) We are in the midst of a tremendously hot summer. Between crops withering across the Midwest, fires in Colorado, and severe heat waves sweeping the entire country, a lot of people are saying out loud, “I’m too hot!”

Climate Reality has been working to raise awareness of the climate crisis, its links to the massive pollution from dirty energy, and the“dirty weather” it creates. Starting this week in Austin, TX, the Climate Reality “I’m Too Hot” ice cream truck will be distributing sweet treats to folks across the city to raise awareness of the reality of climate change. Learn more and make sure to visit them this week in Texas.

Hmm, I’m assuming the ice cream truck is a fossil fueled on, since if it was powered by something else, they would be trumpeting it. Furthermore, doesn’t ice cream make people fat? And aren’t fat people bad for globull warming?

Good Freaking Grief! Gore is just looking for a new cash cow here. And he will use the money he scams people out of to increase the size of his own Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint 


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