Bob Belvedere, and RS McCain are suddenly big time water polo fans?

I guess that is what happens when naked girls start playing water polo. Bob Belevedere is really fired up about this

All of the attention lavished on the American Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team means that the lovely gals who are members of the USA Women’s Olympic Water Polo Team have not been getting the attention they deserve.

Rule 5 News will do it’s part to make-up for the oversight

Wet and naked? Not a bad combination


RS McCain is excited as well

The United States defeated Hungary 14-13 today in women’s water polo. I happened to glance up at the TV as the victorious Americans climbed out of the pool and I was like: Whoa! Who’s that?

Advanced research skills soon yielded the answer: Melissa Seidemann, six feet tall, 22, a recent graduate of Stanford University, where she twice led the team in scoring. Readers may remember my complaints about the scrawny little girls of Olympic gymnastics.

No such complaints about Melissa Seidemann.

Having alerted my colleague Dan Collins, I declare women’s water polo the Official Olympic Sport for Guys Who Like Full-Grown Women.

Forget all that silly boohooing about Jordyn Wieber not making the gymnastics all-around finals. Big girls don’t cry, and our water polo ladies are going for the gold. 



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