Stacy McCain: I think we know who will win the Gold Medal for the making a complete ass out of yourself competition

Ah, the stench of the unwashed miscreants comes to London

The scum of the earth — wretched asinine left-wingers — have descended on Ye Merry Olde to make an Olympic-class nuisance of themselves:

Hours after the opening ceremony fireworks echoed around east London, up to 400 demonstrators marched through a neighborhood near the Olympic Park to protest what they called the “Corporate Olympics.”
The event, organized by Counter-Olympic Network and supported by 35 groups ranging from Occupy London to ecological and local anti-austerity campaigners, targeted issues including free tickets for sponsors, missile sites on residential blocks and the ethics of Olympic corporations such as BP and Dow Chemicals.
“A significant number of people in this country — about 20 percent, according to a poll — are not happy with the Olympics because of the involvement of large corporations about which are significant concerns,” said Julian Cheyne of the Counter-Olympic Network. “We are representing their views and making sure that opinion is expressed.
“It is shameful that BP is a sustainability partner of the Olympics after the damage it did to the Gulf coast with their spill, and Dow Chemicals are not meeting their moral and ethical obligations to help the victims of the Bhopal disaster.”

Julian Cheyne, just so you know, is a former resident of an East London housing co-op that was demolished five years ago to make way for the Olympics. He has managed to hustle his “victimhood” into a sort of career as the Official London Olympics Denouncer. The bottom line of all this agitated whining? They hate capitalism:

About 500 people critical of the economic impact and corporate flavor of the London Olympics marched Saturday near the Olympic Park, determined to send a message that Britain is not united in backing the games.
The protest march came hours after police arrested more than 130 bicyclists who had defied an order to avoid cycling in groups around the stadium during Friday night’s opening ceremony. . . .
Occupy London, part of a global movement that has waged demonstrations against financial institutions and capitalist policies, said some cyclists were members of the movement. They said police cordoned off more than 100 cyclists at one road junction near the stadium as Friday’s ceremony was beginning and held them there several hours.
Saturday’s protest, the largest so far against the games, drew a mix of left-wing and green activists who decry the Olympics as a corporate juggernaut rolling over residents and their civil rights.

Whiners. malcontents, and wannabe Communists who think everyone else should accommodate them. Odd that idiots like this live in freedom, and spit on it every day. Give them one month of living in the type of Leftist Utopia they call for and they would be transformed into believers in Western culture and Capitalism rather quickly I suspect.

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