DaleyGator DaleyBabe Heather Rene Smith takes us on a Rule 5 journey

Other Rule 5 bloggers include

Donald Douglas, who is still in love with Britney Spears! He also has some Bar Refaeli news

Bob Belvedere has a very sexy woman named Maribel Verdu and his Rule 5 News featuring several very sexy ladies

William Teach who has a Bevy of Bikini Babes

Theo has some babes in red

Fritz just wants to save the bikinis!

Reaganite Republican seems to have a thing for Fox News ladies like Megyn Kelly

Proof  Positive has the Friday Night Babe Amanda Seyfried

POH Diaries is vacationing with Kate Upton?

Diogenes Middle Finger wishes us all a good morning

Woodsterman salutes ladies in red

Randy has Maria Menounos and his tart of the week

The Eye is on Shawn Johnson

Barking Moonbat just adores red heads

Shamus has a really pretty woman talking to herself

I’m A Man has an update Olympic bikinis

Pitsnipes: What guy doesn’t love…….

Rio Norte salutes Bollywood hotness

Say Anything has lots of links, many of them to Rule 5 posts

Wyatt has the Olympic Babe of the Day

H2 has More Olympic hotness

The Right Way has Denise Milani

Zions Trumpet has pretty faces

The Classic Liberal has a slew of hot links

3 thoughts on “DaleyGator DaleyBabe Heather Rene Smith takes us on a Rule 5 journey”

  1. Heather Rene Smith did indeed take me on a journey…if you know what I’m saying and I think you do.


    Also, thank you for the link, Doug. I appreciate the shout-out.

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