Bob Belvedere: It Ain’t Over Until The Stupid Lady Speaks


Over at camp of the Saints, Bob Belvedere is just begging for accusations of SEXXXXXISM by mocking Amanda Marcotte and her apparent lack of a functioning brain. 

Emerging from her bedroom dressed in her Hoodie-Footie pajamas, still clutching one of her several dozen stuffed animals and an empty quart of Ben & Jerry’s, bleary-eyed from watching all of Season III’s Sex And The City episodes in one sitting, Mzzz Marcotte apparently dragged herself to her Apple and fired off this Tweet:

It was desegregation that caused white America to believe that the government had stopped “protecting” them, and so they needed guns.

…okay…you can stop laughing now…come on, fellas….stop it…come on, I got some important stuff to tell you…stop it……….

Tip of the fedora to Smitty for braving the dank and dark corners of the Twitterverse and spotting that. He labels the statement ‘Breathtakingly Stupid’ and I cannot in any way disagree with his assessment.

It takes a lot to get the Admiral peeved, but, as you’ll see by reading his comments here, Manda managed to do it. A highlight:

Lord have mercy, Amanda: that is about the most jacked up, ahistorical, illogical pile of hooey I’ve heard since the last time #OccupyResoluteDesk opened his pie hole….

Two points. First, if Marcotte truly believes her own words she is beneath Janet Napolitano on the IQ scale, Napolitano placing slightly below a tree stump, and slightly higher than Jimmy Carter. Second, the image of Marcotte that Belvedere paints is freaking hilarious!

This also got me thinking about other stupid people, like Andrea Mitchell, or pretty much anyone else on MSNBS. The “news” network is current stuck on full-blown anti-Romney mode, and they are going through baseless, inane attacks like Michelle Obama through ugly clothes. Their current strategy seems to center on Romney’s use of the word “foreign”, which, it seems is a word that the gang at MSNBS does not know the definition of. Smitty, has the latest example featuring Mitchell, who seems to be suffering from a nerve condition that causes her to repeatedly place both her feet in her mouth


Clearly, Romney’s use of ‘foreign’ is going after ‘alien to traditional American thought’. And, yes, the Marxist underpinnings of Obama’s collectivist thinking are foreign, to put it as mildly as possible.

For safety reasons, I recommend Andrea Mitchell and Amanda Marcotte  maintain a two-mile standoff, lest their combined intellectual suction trigger a singularity.

Stacy McCain also takes a shot at Marcotte, and why not, she is like a crash test dummy, with a lower IQ of course!

Popular conservative blogger Ace of Spades first enunciated The Marcotte Rule of Blogging:No public controversy is complete until Amanda Marcotte has made a complete fool of herself.

In case you don’t remember, Marcotte was one of two left-wing women whom John Edwards recruited in 2007 to boost his presidential campaign’s connection to the progressive blogosphere. Alas, this turned out to be a very short-term gig when it was discovered what manner of “political commentary” Marcotte and her comrade Mellissa McEwan had hitherto provided their readers, as eloquently summarized by Mary Katharine Ham: “Vote for Edwards, Godbag Christofascists!”

Marcotte and McEwan are both radical feminists of the most extreme variety, generally arguing that the Republican Party is a theocratic plot for the patriarchal oppression of womyn. McEwan remains rather obscure, but Marcotte is slightly more telegenic (which ain’t saying much) and therefore is considered acceptable to appear occasionally as a commentator on MSNBC, the network that promotes Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton as marquee TV talents. Marcotte is thus able to get freelance pieces published in such progressive venues as Salon and the Guardian, despite her repeated demonstrations that she is a blithering idiot prone to counterfactual assertions and astonishing crimes against logic.

To close this post, perhaps I should provide you with a glimpse of the DaleyGator Scale of Stupidity. this is in no way a complete list, just a small taste ranking those individuals mentioned in this post, and a few others


A Crash Test Dummy

A Tree Stump

Janet Napoiltano

Amanda Marcotte

The entire MSNBS prime time line up

Anyone who believes anything anyone on MSNBS says

Phil Donahue

Jimmy Carter. Note, there is no living, or dead thing that is as stupid as Carter


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