So, how bad for America is this president?


Over at the Conservative Hideout, Bob Mack has a “Bushel of Bad News” concerning the actions of President Obama.

It gets worse by the hour.  Four more years of Obama and the Democrats, and America will be a place only a fool or a Marxist would want to visit, let alone live.  A potpourri of recent news items to prove the point:

Why Did Obama Name Far-Left Bureaucrat To Head The Bureau Of Labor Statistics?

Five months ago Barack Obama nominated union backer, liberal economist and Federal Reserve bureaucrat Erica Groshen to lead the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) — the agency best known for calculating the nation’s unemployment rate each month … Groshen’s background is more explicitly linked to overt anti-American ideologies than any Obama appointee since his infamous “green jobs czar” Van Jones … One of the most glaring ideological markers in Groshen’s background is her choice to send at least one of her children to Camp Kinderland — a communist-founded institution that used Soviet symbols and sang Soviet anthems during the mid-20th century while urging its members to “vote communist.”

Damn! Another Communist riding the Magic Obamabus of Hope and Change? Go read the rest folks. I do hate sounding overly dramatic, but, four more years of Obama might be more than America can stand. Bob lists several more areas of grave concern

Obama’s slashing of welfare reform for example, which has been very successful. Why gut this law? In the first place it IS the law of the land, Bill Clinton signed it by the way. Why would any president seek to change a law? Isn’t that the job of Congress? Again much more at the link


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