Tiki Barber the walking definition of an asshole


After he retired from the the Giants, he ripped his former team mates, who promptly won a Super Bowl without him. Now he has taken despicability to a new low, cheating on his wife with a bimbo, leaving his wife her for a bimbo while his wife was eight months pregnant. What a prick! Way to treat your wife and kids Tiki. And, to be frank, his wife was a lot hotter than the bimbo skeleton he left her for

First the bimbo, who will one day dump Tiki for a younger, or richer guy


3 thoughts on “Tiki Barber the walking definition of an asshole”

  1. In the end, Tiki will get what he deserves. He was a good football player but that does not make a person a decent man. No class, stupid behavior and an attitude to boot.

  2. The best part is that Giant head coach Tom Coughlin basically gave Tiki a career by making him eliminate his fumble-itis. Once Tiki stopped coughing up the ball, he became a top-tier running back. How does Tiki repay Coughlin and the Giants? By airing out the team’s dirty laundry.

    I must say, it was really cool watching this jag-off crash and burn in the broadcast booth and his dopey comeback effort. That was fairly hilarious. And now he’s marrying a scarecrow? Perfect.

    Tiki’s cycle of stupid vanity is officially complete.

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