Why do I often say that Leftists do not think that people are capable of caring for themselves?

Simple! BECAUSE THEY DO! Consider the Stalinist tirade by MSNBS’ resident whiner Toure who seemingly wants Obama to dictate every decision we make

In a clip that Mediaite described as “[descending] into self-parody,” MSNBC’s Touré said on The Cycle Monday that the government has a responsibility to “lead” the country into the future– whether the people are ready for it or not.

After likening “We the People” to “petulant children” who sometimes need to be dragged “[kicking] and [screaming],” the MSNBC host declared:

“Perhaps if there’s a second term for Obama after health care is enacted and people see it working well and get used to it, he’ll float to a new level of power.

“Maybe he’ll go even further trying to bolster his legacy by enacting new paternalistic mandates meant to make the nation better.  Saying all Americans must vote, because government works better when all participate in selecting leaders.

Eat your vegetables! 

Maybe mandate that all citizens must go to some sort of post-high school college — maybe liberal arts, maybe technical — because America works better when we are better educated and trained. 

Eat your vegetables! 

How about a mandate of a year or two of public service after college?” 

“…Mandate extensive premarital counseling and maybe even a review board that can determine whether or not a couple can get married, and pre-divorce counseling to try and save marriages, because teaching relationship skills is critical to building strong nuclear families.” 

This is textbook Statism, and there are two types of Leftists who spew such things. The perpetual child, who wants the government to be their mommy and daddy. Then there is the pure Statist, that loathes people to the point of wanting them enslaved to government. Toure is likely the second type. He sees himself as an elite, well above the commoners. He is on  one hand arrogant enough to consider himself an elite, and on the other hand, stupid enough to believe the government would leave HIS free will intact. Sad, Toure, sad stupid AND arrogant is no way to go through life, but, apparently it IS a great way to get  a gig on the cesspool that MSNBS is.

2 thoughts on “Why do I often say that Leftists do not think that people are capable of caring for themselves?”

  1. This notion – that government is meant to lead the people – is akin to the misguided philosophy revealed by the idiot who asked the infamous question at the Bush/Clinton debate, which suggested that the President is our father.

    Unfortunately, both candidates took the question seriously. I would have taken my hat off to any man who’d looked that idiot in the eye and said, “I know my children and you, sir, are not one of them. If you want your country to be led by a father figure, go to Iraq (in those days) or North Korea, or Libya. Those nations are well-prepared to satisfy your desire. If you want to live like a man – a free and independant, responsible man, then America is your home, and I am your candidate.”

    In this republic, the government does not lead the people. Its sole purpose is to serve the people by preserving their individual rights, and any time it forgets that very limited purpose, it needs to be corrected.

    I see a big correction in the future.

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