In which I fully agree with Smitty

Smitty lays down an argument I myself have made and who am I to disagree with Smitty, or with myself?

Progressivism is antithetical to liberty as we know it. The silver liningcrew is attempting to find something good in the Thursday’s whuppin’. And you can re-fight it like a Civil War battle all you like. Whether or not history shows that Roberts gave us the Full Denton doesn’t matter: that’s the decision.

So, instead, let us prove ourselves an exceptional nation. Let’s muster all the patriotic attorneys general, and the great conservative legal minds, and set about saying that a tax is a tax; that godforsaken sacred cow Ponzi scheme known as Social Security is a tax, and send it to the butcher along with ObamaCare.

Who is with me?

Count me in.

2 thoughts on “In which I fully agree with Smitty”

  1. And me. I’m the kind of simpleton who thinks the Constitution means exactly what it says, and I’m not impressed by the abilities of those for whom “nuance” is a greater virtue than common sense.

    The justices may believe that they can convince us that night is day, a mandate is a tax, war is peace… But all they’ve convinced me of is their worthlessness.

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