Your Best Damned Blog Post of the Week Award goes to Troglopundit

During the Leftist temper tantrum, AKA the Scott Walker recall. The Leftist accused Governor Walker of hurting “workers”. One of the groups most “hurt” by Walker, according to the union thugs, and whiny Libs were teachers. Walker was demonized in despicable fashion, and the poor, poor teachers were portrayed as his innocent victims. Well, we all know how the recall vote went. Walker won easily, and if that was not bad enough for the union types, 38% of union members dared to think for themselves and voted for Walker!

Worst of all, though, Wisconsin native Lance Burri rubbed salt in Left’s the electoral wounds by noting that, despite all the rhetoric, Walker’s policies are BETTER for good teachers!

This wouldn’t be happening to her then.

Despite just being named Sacramento’s “Teacher of the Year,” (6th-grade teacher Michelle) Apperson was laid off as part of a massive budget cut.

“It hurts on a personal level because I really love what I do,” Apperson, who taught all subjects, told KXTV-News 10. “But professionally and politically or economically, I get why it happens.”

Us, too. That’s why we’re avoiding it now.

The Sacramento City Unified School District has suffered approximately $143 million in budget cuts in recent years. School spokesperson Gabe Ross told News 10 that who gets laid off is mandated by state law and is based on seniority, not performance.

Wisconsin districts are, by and large, hiring teachers, not laying them off. And those “seniority, not performance” rules don’t apply here anymore, unless the local school boards want them to.

OUCH! The truth hurts! Of course, it is no secret that many of the union bosses care about their power, and not the workers, who are a source of money and not much more to the bosses, Fact is that the state that under Governor Walker was supposed to be so anti-teacher, is HIRING teachers, while other states, which have refused to do anything to reign in their budgets, are letting teachers go! Once more, Conservatism trumps Liberalism! Congratulations to Lance Burri, the first ever winner of the Blog Post of the Week Award!

Yes, I realize bestowing an award of this magnitude, OK, that is a stretch, upon Lance will surely make him impossible to live with for a month or so, but, frankly, he earned this honor! In one short, sweet, to the point post, Lance illustrated why unions have become BAD for teachers. So, again, congrats Lance, and, er, good luck on that whole head on a stick franchise you are dreaming of. I bet it will be called Lance’s Cheese Head on a Pole, or something similar.

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