The odd thing is I always assumed that the Green Lantern was Gay, and the Green Arrow too for that matter.

DC Comics is bringing the Green Lantern out of the closet. Can the Green Arrow, the gayest of Gay super heroes be far behind? I mean he looks rather, well, you know. 

Maybe this is being done for publicity, or as an attempt at making some political statement, who knows, and who cares? I think Smitty is right about this whole Gay super hero fetish

Face it: the gay Green Lantern will go over about as well as gay marriage, when voters are actually given a chance to express their preference, an not told what to think by the judiciary. But this could actually be part of a second Obama term plan by DC, come to think of it. Drive their sales through the floor so that #OccupyResoluteDesk has to bail out comic books, and nationalize them.

Then, via taxes, I could be forced to pay for comics I don’t even want to read. Call it ‘a higher form of gay’.

I loved comic books as a kid, all of them Marvel comics, there was always something inferior about DC comics I do not know why. Maybe because super heroes like The Flash, or The Green Arrow were kind of wimpy to me. From the age of 6-12 I read The Hulk, Spider Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Thor and my favorite was the Avengers. As a kid reading them, the sex lives of the characters never really entered into my mind, because, well, I was a kid. I really do not care about Gay marriage one way or the other, but I do wish that we would let our kids be kids.

3 thoughts on “The odd thing is I always assumed that the Green Lantern was Gay, and the Green Arrow too for that matter.”

  1. “Our” modern Green Lantern is gay enough with the tights, boots, mask and cup that don’t hide anything, and the big green ring, but the one who is “coming out” is the old GL from the 1940s – he had yellow tights with flared boots and gloves and a big flowing cape. He is supposed to be living in some alternative universe with the old versions of the Justice League of America heroes. Alternative universe, alternative lifestyle.

    This will go over like a lead balloon. What comic-aged kid is going to ask at the comic store for the new gay comic?

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