When will Meghan McCain grow up and realize she is being used by MSNBS?

I wrote briefly about Meghan McCain whining about people being “mean to her” last night but, I took it easy on Meghan, who I think is likely a sweet girl who is very naive. My take is simple, Meghan is being used by the media types who let her hang around because she is “their type of Republican”. In short, Meghan says what the Left WANTS a “Republican” to say about other Republicans, so they tolerate her. Stacy McCain, on the other hand takes his “cousin” to the woodshed

Let’s start here: In what sense, Cousin, are you a Republican?

Because I’m trying to think of any recent occasion in which you have actually done anything to help the Republican Party.

Nothing immediately comes to mind.

Instead, you go on TV (and write columns of insipid nonsense for Tina Brown) denouncing Republicans and conservatives as extremists.

Michelle Malkin — extreme!

Andrew Breitbart — extreme!

In fact, I think your resentment toward them is not a matter of issues or ideology, but simply the fact that the “extremists” you denounce are actually more popular than you.

You seem to be under the delusion that you are entitled to demand respect from the honest people you insult, simply because your family is rich and your father is a senator. You are a stereotype of the spoiled little rich girl who can’t understand why people don’t automatically kowtow to her whims.

So while you’re whining about people calling you a “fat pig” on Twitter, other people are actually dealing with far more serious forms of harassment and intimidation. Yet I don’t seem to recall you saying one word about the plight of Aaron Worthing, and you were notably MIA on “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.”

Your selfishness is the root of your problems, and if you had any valuable skill or talent, I’d say you were impairing your usefulness by your ill-considered antics. As it is, you’re just another obnoxious D-List celebrity bimbo, and they’re a dime a dozen.

I must say, the envy angle is likely right on target. All of us deal with envy, some bloggers, OK LOTS of bloggers are more popular than me. Of course there are many more that are not as popular than me, so I guess that evens out. The fact is that sometimes I scratch my head as to why some of the bigger bloggers are more popular than me. Some I understand, some not so much. But, Meghan, you are on TV, OK you are on MSNBS, the public access network of the mainstream media, but I digress, even though you have nothing substantive to offer. So, really, you have no reason to be jealous of Michelle Malkin, or of Breitbart or their popularity. Grow up Meghan!

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