The difference between Liberals and Conservatives?

Well, there are many. Here are just a few I thought of sitting here this evening

Conservatives believe abortion kills an unborn child, therefore they oppose it. Liberals believe abortion kills an unborn child as well, they just do not care.

Conservatives believe that self-defense is a fundamental human right, therefore they fully support the Constitutional guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms. Liberals believe self-defense, and gun ownership encourages self-reliance and individualism, therefore they are for disarming the citizenry.

Liberals believe that people who want everyone to get a tax cut are greedy. Conservatives believe that people who want to mooch of the success if others are greedy!

Conservatives believe that skin color, gender, and sexual orientation are unimportant, and that it is personal character that truly matters. Liberals are obsessed with labeling everyone, and hyphenating as many Americans as they can.

Conservatives and Liberals both cherish diversity, but in different ways. Conservatives view different ideals, ideologies, and opinions, and backgrounds as diversity. Conservatives also do not mind dissent, they welcome the chance to debate. Liberals, on the other hand see diversity as people having certain ideals based not on opinion, but on gender, skin color, or sexual orientation. Liberals also LOATHE any opinion except theirs of course.

Conservatives define freedom of speech as every American having a perfect right to voice their views. Liberals define freedom of speech as anyone toeing the Liberal line having the right to speak.

Both Conservatives and Liberals see the Constitution as a living document. Conservatives view the Constitution as a living document that actually means what it says, and that is the supreme law of the land. Liberals say the Constitution is living, meaning that it can mean anything a Liberal wants it to mean.

Conservatives believe that competition is a good thing. Liberals believe competition is bad because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

Conservatives believe history is important because it teaches us about where we have been, and that we can learn from knowledge of history. Liberals believe history is important because they can twist it to teach children that America is a racist, sexist, greedy nation that needs more Marxism.

Conservatives are more optimistic and Liberals are more pessimistic.

Conservatives are more charitable. They believe in giving THEIR money. Liberals are less charitable and tend to believe that real charity is the government taking other people’s money to spend on social programs Liberals favor.

There are more I might add later but I close with the BIGGEST difference between Conservatives and Liberals.

Conservatives are Individualists, meaning they believe that the rights defined in the Constitution are Natural, or God-give rights, that government cannot take away. Liberals are Collectivists, meaning that they see individualism as a dangerous thing. They also believe that all rights should come ONLY from government, and that individual rights are secondary to the “common good”.

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