Hell Hath No Fury Like an MSNBS Anchor Hottie During National Offend a Feminist Week!

MSNBS anchor Tamron Hall is a sexy woman, even when she is angry and unreasonable, which is likely much of the time. Certainly she is angry and unreasonable in this clip from Stacy McCain.Maybe she is agitated that her guest is not jumping on the media’s tear down Romney bandwagon. Or maybe it is the cumulative effects of National Offend a Feminist Week?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury Like an MSNBS Anchor Hottie During National Offend a Feminist Week!”

  1. I didn’t get my first good look a Tamron Hall until that clip, and I was floored. She’s gotta be one of the top five best looking women in TV news, national or local.

    Hall looks like Halle Berry, but when it comes to the sweet Ms. Berry, I think there’s a reason why every man who gets to close to her practically runs away screaming. I knew I could never be with Berry — even if I was in her class — when she got into that 2000 hit-and-run accident and claimed she drove herself home while blacked out. Beauty fades, crazy is forever.

  2. I hasten to add that I am capable of recognizing great beauty while not being seduced by it. There are many lovely ladies who are conservative, but just as many or more smokin’ hotties who are almost Maoist (Jane Fonda, for one).

  3. “you’re kind of in my house here”

    Incredible. Is this what television news is like? No wonder the liberal media are dying! Even if I were a moderate or apolitical viewer, I can’t imagine I’d be able to stomach that level of condescension.

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