18-Month-Old Girl Removed From Plane After TSA Finds Her On No-Fly List

TSA Removes 18-Month Old Baby From Plane – Forbes

You have to hand it to the TSA.

When they discovered that eighteen-month-old Riyanna was on the no-fly list (or at least someone with the same name was) they didn’t bat an eye. They didn’t stop and think about whether a one-and-a-half year old posed a security threat, or whether it could possibly be a case of mistaken identity. There’s no time to think in these tense situations.

Up to this point in her life, Riyanna had only ever dropped bombs in her diaper, but that wasn’t fooling the TSA:

She and her parents had just boarded a JetBlue flight when an airline employee approached them and asked them to get off the plane, saying representatives from the Transportation Security Agency wanted to speak to them.

“And I said, ‘For what?’” Riyanna’s mother told only WPBF 25 News on Wednesday. “And he said, ‘Well, it’s not you or your husband. Your daughter was flagged as no fly.’ I said, ‘Excuse me?’”

Riyanna’s father was flabbergasted.

“It’s absurd,” he said. “It made no sense. Why would an 18-month-old child be on a no-fly list?”

Why indeed?

The family was kept off the plane for 30 minutes before being allowed back on. Surprisingly, their 18-month old daughter was not considered a terror threat at the end of the investigation (though the TSA are denying that it was an investigation.)

Riyanna’s parents believe they were being profiled due to their Middle Eastern descent, and the fact that Riyanna’s mother wears a hijab.

I think it’s more likely that the TSA just has a bone to pick with anyone who wears diapers. Or who are comfortable walking around naked. Or maybe they just don’t like kids.

Whatever the case, at least they’re keeping us safe.

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