Is it Offend a Feminist Week already?

Oh yes! Bob “Hey Babe get me a Beer” Belvedere has the news! The selfless bastard is putting off celebrating four years of blogging to join in National Offend a Feminist Week! Ed, and I, of course, wish Bob many more blogging years, and will be doing our best to offend as many Feminuts as we can! See, Ed and I believe in giving back!

Stacy McCain’s annual National Offend A Feminist Week, which he has proclaimed for the next seven glorious days [please see here for details] and which I will be fully participating in with that great gusto you’ve come to expect from your Humble Dispatcher.

Here is more from Stacy McCain

Did somebody say “War on Women”? OK, we’re not actually anti-woman. More like, anti-Women’s Studies majors. Which is why, for the fourth consecutive year, we are pleased once more to inaugurate this annual festival of fun, quoting the immortal words of our charter:

Hey, sweetheart, when I say “bring me a cup of coffee,” I mean bring me fresh coffee, OK?

Q. How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. That’s not funny!

Joking at the expense of feminists, however, has become increasingly dangerous. Earlier this year, the Southern Poverty Law Center added “misogyny” to his hate-group listings, so it’s probably a civil-rights violation to laugh at these jokes. And you’re a sexual predator if youtalk to an atheist feminist in a hotel elevator.

The empowering message of feminism is that all women are victims.

Victimhood is synonymous with power. To deny women their victimhood is therefore to re-victimize and disempower them.

Don’t laugh: Somebody once laughed at Ashley Judd’s puffy face, and we’ve been suffering from her empowered victimhood ever since.

As usual, National Offend a Feminist Week ends on Mother’s DayOppressed Victims of Patriarchy Day, when millions of womyn are painfully reminded of what happens when they are deprived of “choice.”

So, my friends, join along with Stacy McCain, Bob Belvedere, myself, Ed Daley as we venture forth to bring offense to Feminists, who face it, seem like they need to be offended to be happy!

My two favorite reasons to offend Feminists!

1 They are always offended anyway, or at least they act that way. Gotta play the “victimized womyn” I guess!

2 Feminists are always in the mood, if you know what I mean! Not not in the mood for THAT! That is just another form of victimization to them. Besides sex makes men happy, and Feminists HATE men being happy! Of course, sex with a Feminist would not make most men happy, because who wants to be called an exploiter by some angry woman quoting Gloria Steinem? Or worse, an angry woman who looks like Gloria Steinem. In fact, if Feminist really wanted to make men unhappy, they would offer to have sex with them!

The whole man-hating attitude is also why Feminists hate Hooters. I mean what could anger a Feminist more than hot young women dressed in tight shorts and even tighter tops, serving dead chicken and cold beer to men? Men love Hooters, so Feminists must loathe Hooters!

I leave you with these images, of Hooters girls, because, well…..

6 thoughts on “Is it Offend a Feminist Week already?”

  1. Why does it take 100 feminists to screw in a lightbulb?

    It takes one to brace the ladder, one to hold the spares, one to climb the ladder and change the bulb, and 97 to protest the violation of the light socket.

  2. It’s only Monday and I think it safe to say this is going to be a wonderful week!

    Thank’s for the Offending Linkage. I will remember this service you did for me when I begin Offending on the morrow.

  3. That wasn’t the punch line I was expecting…… I could tell you what why it actually is that feminists are so angry but in addition to being a woman I am also a lady so I can’t tell you…..but if you are married, your wife can.

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