France to U.S.: Yes We Can Too!

Smitty notes that the French voters have voted to double down on Socialism

According to Breitbart, Nicolas the Short has been ousted in favor of Francois Holland. Holland seems to favor:

  • raise taxes (including a marginal tax rate for earnings above $1 million to 75%),
  • lower retirement age, and
  • boost spending levels
Spend more, tax more, and then what? Looks like the French have surrendered to sheer stupidity

2 thoughts on “France to U.S.: Yes We Can Too!”

  1. They’ll probably repeal the burka ban as well, because it there’s one thing leftist “useful idiots” love, its the totalitarian islamics who will soon rule over them all. Stupid frogs, they deserve whatever comes to them now. Too bad we’ll probably be called upon to rescue their sorry asses again in the future.

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