Remember those huge crowds Obama drew in 2008?

Yep, those were impressive, but, you know, times, they “change”, and now it seems that Obama can only “hope” to half-fill arenas. Stacy McCain delights in this, as do I. Funny thing about great campaigners, eventually they have to stand on their record

The Obama campaign, after watching its previous Twitter slogans swiftly hijacked by Republicans, rolled out #ReadyToGo for its official kickoff rally in Columbus, Ohio:

Speaking at his first official campaign rally six months and a day before Election Day, a fiery and combative Obama, his sleeves rolled up, touted a “forward-looking America” while taking a series of shots at his likely opponent before a raucous audience in this swing state. . . .

Unfortunately for the “fiery and combative” incumbent, a lot of Ohioans were apparently not #ReadyToGo to his rally:

But the arena was not a sell out. The 14,000 in attendence left empty sections in the upper deck of the 18,300 seat arena, a different image than four years ago when the president — then a fresh-faced senator who changed the political landscape — addressed sell out crowds across the country.

More from Todd Starnes of Fox News:

Romney’s national press secretary, Ryan Williams, found his way to a seat in the arena and later characterized the speech as “a retread, a cut-and-paste job of President Obama’s 2008 campaign rhetoric.
“Unfortunately,” Williams continued, “for him this time around he has a record to defend, a record of exploding deficits, job losses and fiscal mismanagement in Washington.” Twitter was abuzz with photos and comments about vast areas of empty seats in the arena’s upper deck.


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