Why? Because they deserve it!

Why would I mock Feminists? Actually, if you really pay attention to Feminists, they do  a darned fine job of mocking themselves, but, I like to help them. It is the least I can do to help empower Feminists! Stacy McCain, like me, does his best to empower the Feminists. I mean just LOOK at this headline from The Other McCain!

The ‘Million Ugly Women’ March

Stacy, of course, being sensitive to the rampant BS spewed by the Feminists, tries to clarify the headline, so as to not offend unnecessarily.

R. Stacy McCain
Stacy McCain, helping Feminists be angry! Because he cares!

OK, I’m lying. There weren’t really a million of them:

Now, I am sure Stacy would point out that, even though there were not one million ugly Feminists, there WAS enough ugliness, both physically and ideologically to make up for the lack of numbers!

Feeding the Feminists, however? Neither Stacy nor myself would attempt that! You could lose a hand or worse!

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