Indoctrination sucks

One day I am going to post a list of my steadfast rules of life. On that list, will be Indoctrination Sucks. Note, I do not mind education, I certainly do not mind having anyone taught different ideas. I, in other words, welcome education, but indoctrination is the nemesis of education. Indoctrination seeks to prevent thinking, and you need look no further than this video via American Power, for proof of how deplorable, and dangerous indoctrination is.

There really is nothing to add is there? Except to be sure that this young mind is being taught this at SCHOOL! On our dime! 

I am reminded of a chat I had about four years ago. I vacation in Estes park, Colorado every September. I love hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, a place I fell in love with in 2001, and Estes Park borders the park.

In 2008, I decided to take a tour, via a six-wheeler, into the back country. The woman who drove us talked about the history, the wildlife, etc. She explained during the tour that the elk, which are plentiful in the area, were actually brought in, decades ago from another area of the West, California I think it was. She explained further that this was made necessary because the elf population was wiped out in the area by evil man. Now, I agree that it was tragic, and criminal frankly, that people did such a thing. What did strike me as odd, however, was that she never gave any credit to the people who FIXED the problem, by re-introducing elk to the area.

She was perfectly willing to paint people as bad, but very loathe to credit those that repaired, as best they could, the damage. Odd that Liberals are often that way isn’t it? Which, I think, proves another great rule of life I have, Liberalism is an ideology of pessimism. But that is another post!

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