Oh, so it is the I-word now?

Apparently the Left has decided, for all of us, since they are so, you know, intellectual, that the word illegal is now forbidden. I would have said illegal, but that would be, say it with me, RAAAAACIST! As I wrote last night, the Left wants to control the dialogue. And, in order to do that, they want to eliminate debate, and eliminating certain words, like illegal, makes it easier for them to obfuscate. When Liberals cannot argue, they try to intimidate, or censor, or change the conversation, this campaign against the I-word is all about that.

Bill O’Reilly had Monica  Novoa, on his show last night. She is leading the MoveOn.org campaign against the I-word, and O’Reilly destroyed her. He asked her repeatedly to define her position, and if she thought that anyone, from anywhere should be able to just come to America without documentation. Clearly, Novoa is a buffoon, she either has not thought about the ramifications of open borders, or, she simply is afraid to reveal her real agenda. That agenda being to destroy American sovereignty, which open borders would do. Video via Gateway Pundit

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