NBC: We only edited the Zimmerman 911 call tape because those darned right-wing bloggers made us!

Your ultimate WTF did they just say statement from the media. Stacy McCain is not amused

NBC officials are refusing to provide a full accounting – and name names of those responsible — for the misleading edit of the George Zimmerman 911 call. NBC’s editing created the false and inflammatory impression that Zimmerman had singled out Trayvon Martin on the basis of race. In fact, as the unedited audio of the call showed, Zimmerman was asked by the 911 operator about Martin’s race.

Dan Reihl at Big Journalism called attention to the deceptive edit a month ago. An NBC employee was then fired (but not named by the network) and now, according to the Miami Herald, a reporter/producer at NBC’s Miami affiliate, Jeff Burnside, has also been fired. John Sexton at Big Journalism culls this telling quote from the story:

“The network is very sensitive about the whole Al Sharpton/MSNBC issue, so when the right-wing bloggers started hammering, they needed to throw them fresh meat,” said the station source, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the controversy. “It’s not at all clear how this happened. Obviously, there was miscommunication.”

Wait a g–damned minute here: Has NBC so completely abandoned any pretense to basic accuracy in its reporting that the only reason they take disciplinary action is to throw “fresh meat” to “right-wing bloggers”? And isn’t it at the same time true, as Ace of Spades says, that the media have become so reliant on left-wing blogs that major news organizations routinely re-hash misleading or even blatantly false stories pushed by the online Left, while only rarely and reluctantly acknowledging stories originated by the online Right?

Pathetic! I guess just accepting that they were caught red-handed making up the news rather than reporting it is beyond NBC News. So, I must assume is any meaningful return to actual journalism. Damn us right-wing bloggers!

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