‘Justice For Trayvon’: Black Mob Beats White Man Nearly To Death On His Own Front Porch (Video)

‘Justice for Trayvon’: Alabama Man In Critical Condition After Mob Beating – The Blaze



Mobile police need your help to catch a mob that beat Matthew Owens so badly that he’s in critical condition.

According to police, Owens fussed at some kids playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive about 8:30 Saturday night. They say the kids left and a group of adults returned, armed with everything but the kitchen sink.

Police tell News 5 the suspects used chairs, pipes and paint cans to beat Owens.

Owens’ sister, Ashley Parker, saw the attack. “It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.” Parker says 20 people, all African American, attacked her brother on the front porch of his home, using “brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on.”

What Parker says happened next could make the fallout from the brutal beating even worse. As the attackers walked away, leaving Owen bleeding on the ground, Parker says one of them said “Now thats justice for Trayvon.”



A witness who wants to remain anonymous describes what he says he heard at his front door Saturday night, on Delmar Drive. ”I just kept hearing him screaming, ‘Man, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, man don’t do this,’ ” he recalls.

On the other side of that door was Matthew Owen, who, police and neighbors say, was being beaten by a group of people. The weapons? Bricks, bats, even a paint can.

At first, when he heard his friend at the door, the man thought it was a joke. ”Then I saw about 10 to 15 people from little kids and women with dresses to adult men, just flooding onto the property, surrounding the car, hollering and screaming,” he says. “And then I heard Matthew saying, ‘ I’m sorry, man, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’ And then, the next thing, before I could get to the door, because we have it all deadbolted and everything, and before I could get it open, I heard all the beating and banging.”

Even family and friends of Matthew Owens admit there was some tension on this street before Saturday night’s event. And they say a lot of this has to do with basketball. Relatives of the victim, who live on the street, say local kids often block Delmar Drive when they play basketball. They say it’s lead to some confrontations. Racial comments from both sides may have made the confrontations more toxic.

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3 thoughts on “‘Justice For Trayvon’: Black Mob Beats White Man Nearly To Death On His Own Front Porch (Video)”

  1. Just wait until Obama loses in November. Then we’ll really see mob violence, on a scale that’ll probably require some states to mobilize the National Guard. I remember the Newark riots. I fear history will repeat itself.

    1. I fear he will win in November because if he doesn’t it will be turned into a racial issue. That’s the only reason he won the first time. It’s always a racial issue. Quite alright to discriminate against a white man, but look at a black or hispanic man with one eye crossed and you’re a racist. Beating innocent people who have nothing to do with this stupid case (Trayvon Martin) is worse than the crime itself. Zimmerman was only arrested because of the media and politicians getting involved. He was within his legal rights – oh, but wait. The victim was black. Oops. Not allowed to question the victim’s actions because of his skin color. If you do, you’re a racist! Why doesn’t the media and the politicians get involved when there is an obvious hate crime against a white? Oh, that’s right. It’s because if they do, it’s racist. What a country. Do you all realize we are turning ourselves into the ghetto (yep. I said it. Ghetto) of the world??? Talk about “there goes the neighborhood”.

    2. Oh if only this country would be so lucky to have someone different running this country. With the ways things have been going and with all the “investigations” of citizens, for the first time in my adult life, I fear the person in charge. You say something not liked, bad things start happening to you. There are some dark days ahead.

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