You know, someone really should remind the GOP Establishcrats that a Constitutional Republic was once a “novel idea”

Well, well, the GOP establishment continues to be tougher on Conservatives that threaten the status quo than on Democrats, or so it seems anyway.

Michelle Malkin takes note of this phenomenon 

Establishment Republicans are really getting unhinged by fresh, conservative voices — especially female and minority ones — who are on the rise.

You’ll recall that earlier this month, Romney supporter Ann Coulter took to ABC News to put down Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio as “novelty” candidates.

Ah yes Ann Coulter, whom I once suspected was more full of herself than of real passion for the Conservative cause. Looks like I was right about her all along. Just like the Establishcrats, she is all about keeping the pecking order right where it is. But, Ann Coulter is hardly the only one flapping her gums.

You know someone ought to tell the Establishcrats that at one time the very idea of a Constitutionsal Republic, like America, was a “novelty”. Luckily for us, the Founders had what the likes of the GOP EStblishment does not have, VISION, GUTS, ,and WISDOM!

Yesterday at the Utah Republican convention, where crusty incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch failed in his $6 million bid to avoid a primary fight for the nomination, the state’s attorney general attacked 4th CD candidate and Tea Party favorite Mia Love as a…”novelty.”

Many Republicans were shocked Saturday when Attorney General Mark Shurtleff seemingly dismissed Mia Love — the first black woman nominated for Congress in Utah — as a “novelty.”

“You have to please pick a person with a proven record who can beat Jim Matheson this fall. Not a novelty,” Shurtleff said.

The reference drew boos from many in the audience and outrage from many Republicans.

Republican National Committeewoman Enid Mickelsen said she had an angry confrontation with Shurtleff over the comment.

“At first I didn’t believe it,” Mickelsen said. But Shurtleff, she said, didn’t back away from the comment.

“He said, ‘Enid, what else is her appeal?’ And I lost it,” Mickelsen said.

I suppose Mickelsen cannot figure out that the appeal of Love is EXACTLY because they are not career politicians, and because they do not have that vaunted “proven record”. The problem with these politicians and their proven records is, frankly, that most of the time that proven record stinks! Mickelsen ought to be sharp enough to figure out that people are fed up with the same old political games. They want people of principle. Face it, the guys, and gals with proven records, have too often let us down.

Smitty notes that the Mia Love success only proves that we Tea Party types are, well, you know…..

Everyone knows that Republicans are racist, or they would be Democrats. Also, Republicans have been waging a war on women, as indicated by their opposition to ObamaCare. Thus, via Legal Insurrection, we discover that Mia Love is the nominee for UT-4.

There is no way this could be motivated by agreement with Love’s politics. And it cannot be that Love has actual political talent. Furthermore, Republicans are immune to improvement, so overcoming their medieval ways cannot be the driver here.

No, there can be only one explanation. Through some quirk of space-time and excess coffee, the inherent misogyny of the Republicans must have momentarily cancelled all of the bias and bigotry in their hearts, and allowed Mia Love to slip through.

YUP! No way we would actually not care about skin color or gender. Truth is, Conservatives  care far less about those things than do Liberals, who suffer from Racial Obsession Syndrome All I can add is Go Mia! 

H/T to Adrienne on this

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