Yep, it is official, California has become Marxifornia

What a sad state of affairs CalMarxifornia has become. The state’s leadership, and I hate using the word leadership to describe the buffoons in charge in that state, are dead set on taking that formerly  great state into some Orwellian Hell. Smitty looks at the states latest campaign of inanity multi-family housing

Are California’s marijuana dispensaries putting out some great product, or what?

Smart growth on steroids, or the radical densification policy of California, was the subject of my recent commentary in The Wall Street Journal — “California Declares War on Suburbia”. Regional transportation plans in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Los Angeles area and the San Diego area seek to force the vast majority of new residents in future decades into multi-family housing. Under the state’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction law (Assembly Bill 32) and its companion urban planning law (Senate Bill 375), it will be nearly impossible to build new detached housing. This is despite the fact that 80 percent additions to the housing stock in California’s major metropolitan areas was detached between 2000 and 2010.

Odd isn’t it? Once again we see why Liberalism is an ideology of convenience. Liberals can rail all day and into the night about a “right to privacy”, and then support housing that would just about make privacy, well, impossible.  Maybe that right to privacy only applies to killing the unborn? This is yet another blow to Individualism, which is the one thing the Left loathes above anything else. Smitty sums up what he, and I think is really behind this

My guess is that California’s powers-that-snort have determined that having privacy encourages subversive thoughts of liberty, maturity, and independence among residents. What a failed state.

BINGO! Also from Smitty, if California was a hair style 

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