Well, that did not take too long at all

Earlier, I posted the photo of the back of George Zimmerman’s head. The picture shows the wounds, still bleeding. I asked how the media would spin this, I should have taken bets on how long it would take a Lefty to scream photoshop

Read this. It’s about the ABC photo showing Zimmerman’s wounds.

I have many photoshop brush sets and one of them contains  brushes which follow the precise pattern of Mr Zimmerman’s wounds. If these photos and Mr Zimmerman’s word are your evidence for the idea that “there likely was a physical altercation” before Zimmerman shot an unarmed 17 year old in the chest at point blank range I suggest you find more and better evidence. I think both sets were photoshopped by two different individuals neither of whom is particularly skilled. One forgets the blood, the other forgets to photoshop the wound or the the bruising. We have an excellent mug shout of Zimmermen when he was arrested. There is no evidence of a recently broken nose either.
That said, Zimmerman instigated the violence, he was the aggressor. We have Martin’s voice screaming for help and then silenced by the gun shot just before Zimmerman shot him. It’s only ‘self defense’ no one allows Trayvon Martin that right.

Oh the Leftist sheep. They want so badly for this to play out a certain way, and they will delude themselves to the point of denying reality.

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