God Bless Netanyahu

You gotta love this guy!

Excerpted from JP:    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that activists in the “flytilla” concerned about human rights abuses should look elsewhere in the Middle East.

“Why did they come to Israel, the only real democracy in the Middle East?” Netanyahu said in a meeting with US Senator Joe Lieberman. “If they want to check the issue of human rights, they should go to Syria – maybe they will help stop the killing of thousands of innocents. They should go to Iran and stop the stoning of women. They should go to Gaza and stop the practice of using children as human shields for terrorists who fire rockets on our citizens,” he said.

“After they do that educational tour, they should come to Israel and we can talk with them about what they learned about how the Middle East and how it really is.”

The prime minister’s comments closely mirrored the message in a letter given to each of the activists, mocking their focus on Israel given the region’s extreme human rights abuses.

Of course, we all know the truth about these anti-Israeli protesters. They are either useful idiots, brainwashed by Leftist propaganda, or they are anti-Semites who support terrorism. Yes, it is that simple. No one who has the most basic grasp of reality would ever blame Israel for “human rights violations” while turning a blind eye to the horrors committed by Israels enemies.

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