MSNBS contributor: Romney wants to take America backwards

Oh here we go! Karen Finney goes nuclear on Romney

KAREN FINNEY, MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: Two thoughts. One, the number, I can’t wait to see all the fact-checks coming out of the DNC because the number of, I won’t call them lies but misinformation that came out of Mr. Romney’s mouth was stunning.

And, you know, here’s the other problem: the picture that he was painting of an America, you know, restoring an America. I kept thinking, “Well, it sounds like you want to go back to a time when women couldn’t vote, blacks couldn’t vote, we don’t have.” I mean, it just didn’t sound like this was the America that we all know and love.

Expect to hear this message, or one similar to it roughly 518,178 times between now and November. Here are some predicted snears

Romney hates Blacks

Romney hate Gays

Romney hates women, women who love men, women who love women, women who love men and women, and women who love squirrels!

Romney hates Asians

Romney hates Lesbians

Romney hates animals, nature, Mother Earth, science, and squirrels!

Romney hates the elderly, children, children who look elderly, and elderly who act like children

Romney wants children to starve, for the rivers to be polluted, the air to be filthy, and he wants to help Paul Ryan push that old woman off a cliff!’

Romney is a Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, and hates your puppy!

And yes, of course, the mother of all smears will, at some point, be played.

Romney is a gun-toting Moron who wears fur coats to Tea Parties!

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