Check out the weapons Israel will use to wipe the floor with Iran, Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah

The last thing any terrorist supporting nation wants to do is to screw with Israel. Israel has proven it is superior to its threatening neighbors before and will do so again, if it comes to that. The Blaze has some of the guns Israel will use, with deadly efficiency if needed. 

Of course, Israel’s storied military– the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)– comprises the most potent fighting force in the region, which is sure to make most enemies think twice. A large part of that combat prowess is due to world class training and discipline, but the Israelis also have some of the best war fighting gear outside of the U.S.

So we at the Blaze put together a primer on the latest and greatest in Israeli guns.

They are made by Israel Weapons Industries, formerly known as Israel Military Industries, which considers itself one of the world’s leaders in combat-tested small arms. IWI touts its cutting edge family of rifles and pistols, which include, as it states:

 ”The innovative TAVOR family of Assault Rifles, the ultimate two caliber X95 (Assault Rifle & SMG), the reliable NEGEV Light Machine Gun family, the well-known GALIL Assault Rifle family… the legendary UZI SMG (Mini, Micro and Uzi Pro) and the acclaimed JERICHO family of pistols.”

I have some pics, but go to the link to read about these weapons

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