Someone ought to have a chat with Newt’s ego

Newt, politics is like poker, you have to know when to fold. That time for you is now. Well, actually it has been for weeks now, but still, Newt, give it up. Id dor no other reason than to shut a certain blogger up.

If you haven’t been reading this blog regularly, you may have been shocked by Newt’s confession today on Fox News Sunday:

“Unfortunately, our guys tried to match Romney,” Gingrich said of the Florida match-up. “It turned out, we didn’t have anything like his capacity to raise money.”
Gingrich said he has a little less than $4.5 million in campaign debt, and he’s operating on a shoestring budget.

I was there when it happened, although nobody realized it at the time, and it took another seven weeks to learn the truth.

On Feb. 21, the day after his January FEC report became available, I said Gingrich’sspending was “unsustainable,” and when his February report became public March 20, I said he was bankrupt.

Oh Newt, this is why I never wanted you in this race. I knew, or at least I had a good idea that your massively over-inflated ego would stop you from getting out when you should, sadly, I was right.

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