Croatian Woman Making Fortune From Made-To-Measure Penis Warmers

Croatian Woman Making Fortune From Made-To-Measure Penis Warmers – Metro

Knitting fan Radmila said ‘she just can’t keep up’ after launching her bespoke men’s product – and has had to recruit a small army of knitters in a bid to increase production.

The traditional piece of European clothing was historically used by Croats for exceptionally long horse rides or by shepherds.

They were especially popular in Croatia’s remote Mrkopalj mountain region where wives knitted the protectors to help their husbands cope with the area’s freezing weather.

‘Local men here wore these for centuries. In those days the clothing was not so good and people weren’t rich enough to keep warm,’ the designer explained.

‘Frostbite was a real problem and to avoid permanent damage these warmers came into use.

‘Wives believed that keeping their man’s private parts warm allowed him to remain fertile and increased their chance of having children.’

The 55-year-old’s revival of a century-old tradition has paid off handsomely and she can’t seem to make enough of the made-to-measure garments.

‘I used to make slippers for tourists but these willy warmers are so popular I just can’t keep up,’ she said.

‘I guess people can put up with cold feet as long as everything else is warm.’

The seamstress also said that any customers wishing to protect their modesty could send her their measurements in advance.

‘Of course they would make them to measure which is what I am also doing,’ she revealed.

‘But if people are shy, they can provide me with the measurements they’ve taken themselves.’

She was recently invited to speak about her products in the US where she planned to give one of her personalised gifts to President Barack Obama.

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One thought on “Croatian Woman Making Fortune From Made-To-Measure Penis Warmers”

  1. As a lark, my dad used to make those back in the 60’s and sold them to other GM workers at the local plant.

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