Time to play “Is It True, or Is It Complete BS”

This female black bear had a small cub with he...
This female black bear had a small cub with her but the cub was so small it is hidden in the undergrowth. The cub was bounding around everywhere and was impossible to capture in the darkness of these woods. You can just see the top of the cub's back near the tree to the left of the mother bear. A week prior to this image being taken, the mother had two cubs, but a local ranger told us that the other cub was recently killed by a grizzly bear. The pair are fattening up on huckleberries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A View From the Beach calls BS on this story. But what say you?

Man Attacked by Mountain Lion, Saved by Bear

A Paradise man says he is lucky to be alive after an attack by a mountain lion Monday morning. 

Robert Biggs, 69, often hikes in the Bean Soup Flat area, which is about a mile and a half above Whisky Flats. He came across a mother bear, a yearling and a newborn, which were about 40 feet from where he was standing. After watching the bear family for a few minutes he decided to leave them be and turned to walk back up the trail. As he turned, a mountain lion pounced on him grabbing hold of his backpack with all four paws.

“They usually grab hold of your head with all four paws, but my backpack was up above my head and (the mountain lion) grabbed it instead,” Biggs said. “It must have been stalking the little bear, but it was on me in seconds.”

He wrestled with the cat, striking it in the head with a rock pick. The cat screamed

Colour correction, levels adjusted to bring ou...
Colour correction, levels adjusted to bring out facial features (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when it was hit with the pick, but didn’t let go, Biggs said. Before he knew it, the mother bear came from behind and pounced on the cat, tearing its grip from the backpack. The bear and the cat battled for about 15 seconds, Biggs said, until the cat finally ran away. The bear went on its way as well.

Biggs ended up with bite marks, scratches and bruises to his arm, but was otherwise uninjured. Biggs, a naturist, has hiked that same trail several times and has seen the mother bear and its cub last spring and fall. He said the encounters with the bears were friendly. “(The cub) stood up on its hind legs and put its paws up and I got to play patty-cake with it,” he said.

Hmmm, there are people who have had friendly contact with bears, even mother bears which are among the most protective of mothers. Those bears were all Black Bears, which is what this bear would be, seeing as there are no Grizzly Bears in California, so, I guess it could happen. Certainly a mother bear would not hesitate to take on a mountain lion to defend her cubs.

I have to go with BS on this though

One thought on “Time to play “Is It True, or Is It Complete BS””

  1. I’m not buying it either. The original article didn’t allow me to leave a comment, or I would have said it there. Patty cake with a bear cub while the mother bear looks on? Not for a second, and the bruises don’t convince me either. Let’s see the backpack that the cat allegedly fastened itself onto. Is it shredded?

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