One thought on “CNN anchor exposes race baiting moron AKA Rep Corrine Brown”


    93% of all murdered black males are murdered by other black males..

    90% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks against whites..

    Blacks males make up 35-40% of sexual assaults on white women..Jesse and Al jump at the chance to defend black women accusing white males of
    rape, when in actuality, white on black sexual assault is virtually nonexistent.

    In 2005 out of 36,000 sexual assaults against black women, almost all were black men, and less than “10” were from white men.. Yes, that is “10” and not 10%… 37,000 white women were sexually assaulted by black men that same year.. WHO IS TO BLAME???

    Is Racism the reason blacks make up half the prison population, but only 13% of the total population? The black prison population would be higher if so many black murderers hadn’t killed other black murderers!!

    the blame game is getting old. tired of seeing blacks resist arrest and then claim police brutality.. instigate and act aggressive and then
    cry when their aggression is met with aggression. at some point you are going to have to look inward to fix your problems, and stop blaming
    everyone else!!

    People of all colors have come here in the last 40
    years(with nothing) and become successful, without the help of affirmative action.. They put their nose to the grindstone and get it

    Blacks idea of Racism is never going away, because they wont let it. They thrive off of conflict.

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