Can Soledad O’Brien find the “truth” behind the Trayvon Martin case?

Can Mr.Magoo drive a car? Can a one-legged man win a ass kicking contest? Can I get a date with Salma Hayek? Can,ah,I think you get my point. Donald Douglas is skeptical as well

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien will host a “Beyond Trayvon” town hall on Friday, and she pledges to “search for the truth” in the Treyvon Martin case, and she asks, “can there be justice?” and ” can justice be fair?”

See: “Beyond Trayvon: Race and Justice in America.”

Hmm… “Fair justice?”

I wonder if Soledad will mention that George Zimmerman’s a registered Democrat? Probably not. That’s likely an inconvenient truth for the left’s race-hatred narrative.

There is a video at American Power if you want to see Soledad lying about ” searching for the truth”

One thought on “Can Soledad O’Brien find the “truth” behind the Trayvon Martin case?”

  1. Why do they always think that this man is guilty why not the black kid? What about all the white kids getting killed by these black kids and believe me there are alot of them! No since he is black thats all that matters! Give them a chance to see what went on when the young man was killed! GEEZ the news people are trying to make a race war happen! There are so many white people being hurt and killed by these black people but no one cares about that! NO ONE!!!

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