What is the difference between Ed Schultz and a pile of monkey dung?

The monkey dung likely has some legitimate purpose! Via Breitbart TV

Understand this. Ed Schultz has no idea what actually happened that night. Zimmerman might have been within his rights, we shall see when all the evidence is seen. Zimmerman has not “walked free”. He might face charges still, and yes Ed we might come to find that Zimmerman was to blame, if so, put him in jail. But, what if Martin was to blame, we have an eye-witness that supports Zimmerman’s version of the events. Why do you continue to ignore that Ed? Oh, of course, it does not fit your narrative!

Further, Ed points out that there have been 65 “deaths” since the laws’ passage. And what about those “deaths” Ed? What were the circumstances Ed? Why did you just throw out the “65 deaths” line? Could it be that those deaths were legitimate cases of self-defense? Why is telling the whole story so tough Ed? And while we are talking truth Ed, try this on for size. The fact is you could not give a damn less about that dead kid! You care about one thing Ed. Exploiting his death for all it is worth.

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