And your blogger of the day is………….

No, not me, although I could win that every day. But my greatness is only surpassed by my humility, so I will give it to Smitty, who made me laugh when I read this classic jewel of blogging genius!

Is Frances Fox Piven Irregular?

The Blaze has Piven: “Time for another surge from the bottom“.

She continued, “It’s been time for another surge from the bottom for quite a while, and some of us have been waiting.”

Greatness! And, of course, Smitty nails Piven for what she really is, a power-hungry Marxist

What these Commies misunderstand, perhaps deliberately, is that the origin of the surge isn’t what’s important. Rather, the direction. As I was saying the other day, people like Piven are about power. The talk of money, itself, is mis-direction. It isn’t as though the Left is doing anything at all without piles of cash.

The direction that is of consequence is liberty. Those trying to use emotional means on groups of people are, unexpectedly, all about power, and never about liberty. Liberty is the litmus test for just about everything the Ruling Class and their useful academic tools like Piven have to say. Anybody not discussing individual liberty is truly surging from their bottom.

Amen and bravo sir! The fact is, Marxists are either power-hungry statists, or moochers seeking to reap the rewards from the hard work of others!

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