How many Communists can you put in one closet?

I am not sure, but if the closet belongs to our president……….

Okay, here we go again:

“He is one on the greatest congressmen in the country,” said President Obama. The reason, Obama told a Teamsters union rally in 2004, “is because he shares our values.”

At that time — just eight years ago — Congressman Danny Davis was continuing his efforts to help move then-State Senator Obama up the Chicago political food chain. And not that long ago — in fact, just two weeks — that Congressman Davis was honored by People’s World, a news website, at the Communist Party U.S.A.’s headquarters in Chicago for a lifetime of “inspiring leadership.”

Upon receiving the People’s World “Chris Hani & Rudy Lozano Social Justice Award,” Davis reflected, “Rudy Lozano and I worked closely together to try and build and a relationship between Latino and African-American activists and union types… we called ourselves ‘Progressives.’”

Congressman Davis, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, was filmed receiving his award and exiting the Communist Party U.S.A. headquarters in Chicago on March 4, 2012.

The Chris Hani & Rudy Lozano Social Justice Award is named for a communist who received military training in the USSR and a community organizer who was allegedly killed for not paying his drug debts. Imagine a community organizer running up debts he does not plan to pay.

Both Davis and Obama have been members of the Marxist New Party.


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