Most Anti-American Administration In History Blocks Texas Voter ID Law… Cries RAAAACISM!

Obama Administration Blocks Texas Voter ID Law – Reuters

Well, President Asshat is at it again. He’s decided to block the state of Texas from implementing a law which would require that people prove they are actually qualified to vote when they enter a polling station.


Via Reuters:

The Obama administration on Monday blocked a new Texas law requiring voters to show photo identification before they can cast a ballot out of concerns it could harm some Hispanic voters who lack such identification.

The state law approved in May 2011 required voters to show government-issued photo identification, which could include a driver’s license, a military identification card, a birth certificate with a photo, a current U.S. passport, or a concealed handgun permit.

The Justice Department said that data from Texas showed that almost 11 percent of Hispanic voters, just over 300,000, did not have a driver’s license or state issued identification card, and that plans to mitigate those concerns were incomplete.

Of course they don’t have driver’s licenses, they’re ILLEGAL ALIENS, and the simplest way to “mitigate those concerns” is to begin deporting them en mass as soon as possible.

“Hispanic registered voters are more than twice as likely as non-Hispanic registered voters to lack such identification,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said in a letter to the Texas director of elections outlining the objection.

That’s because illegal aliens are more than twice as likely to be Hispanic!

This is the second state voter identification law blocked by the Obama administration, which earlier objected to a strict new law in South Carolina that it prevented from taking effect. South Carolina then sued in federal court seeking approval of its law.

And we all know why he’s doing this too, it’s because he needs the illegal alien vote in order to win reelection.

Under the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act, certain states like Texas must seek approval from the Justice Department or the federal courts for changes made to state voting laws and boundaries for voting districts.

Of course, that law was intended to stop certain states in the south from illegally discriminating against black people, not from legally discriminating against illegal aliens.

The Obama administration has already challenged the state’s attempt to re-draw congressional districts and that fight is now before the courts. Texas has also sued to get approval for its voter identification law.

Several other states, including Kansas and Wisconsin, have adopted stricter new voter identification laws, arguing that they were necessary to prevent fraud at the ballot box. However some civil rights groups have said that the laws threatened to suppress minority voters.

And those “civil rights” groups are primarily comprised of illegal aliens and their leftist advocates who care more about getting Democrats into high political office than protecting the integrity of our election process.

In Texas, the Justice Department said that potential voters would have to have two other identification documents to get a certificate allowing them to vote, which could require paying expensive fees for copies of legal documents such as birth certificates.

Suddenly the federal government is concerned about the relatively minor expense of acquiring a photo ID, yet when it comes to filling your car with gas, the feds are perfectly fine with the average person paying more than DOUBLE the price that they paid only a few short years ago… a cost that is many times higher than that of a photo ID, by the way.

Additionally, nearly one third of the counties in the state do not have offices where potential voters can obtain a driver’s license or state identification card and some residents live more than 100 miles away, the Justice Department said.

Poor babies.

Efforts to educate voters about the new identification requirements were also incomplete and the state did not submit any evidence of voter impersonation not already addressed under existing state laws, the administration said.

How silly of the citizens of Texas to think that an illegal alien would claim to be somebody he’s not at a polling station and then try to vote in their elections.

“The state has failed to demonstrate why it could not meet its stated goals of ensuring electoral integrity and deterring ineligible voters from voting in a manner that would have voided this retrogressive effect,” Perez said.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what the state of Texas does. It will never meet the “standards” of the current leftist administration, because President Asshat doesn’t want to begin “ensuring electoral integrity” or “deterring ineligible voters from voting”.

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