Super Tuesday: The Results Are In!

Well, the favorite GOP candidate of Washington DC insiders and party elites, Mitt Romney, won his home state of Taxachusetts Tuesday night, as well as the People’s Republic of Vermont. He even managed to triumph in Virginia over the hapless Ron Paul – who was his only opponent in that state – and then eeked out a razor-thin victory in Ohio due largely to the fact that he outspent runner-up Rick Santorum by a 4 to 1 margin there. He then walked away with Idaho and Alaska to round out the evening.
Total delegates won to date: 421 – Bound delegates: 339

Rick Santorum took Oklahoma and then handily won Tennessee, much to the chagrin of Newt Gingrich who was counting on the south to finally lift his campaign out of third-place. He then picked up North Dakota for good measure.
Total delegates won to date: 181 – Bound delegates: 95

The Newtster won his home state of Georgia by the largest delegate landslide of the evening, but could not manage to pull off another victory all night, effectively placing his troubled campaign on life-support.
Total delegates won to date: 107 – Bound delegates: 107

As expected, Ron (I hope Mitt picks my son as his running mate) Paul won no states, giving rise to a whole new crop of conspiracy theories by his small but fanatical band of supporters.
Total delegates won to date: 47 – Bound delegates: 22


3 thoughts on “Super Tuesday: The Results Are In!”

  1. Santorum won my county (we just got home at 12:30 am from our caucus.) Southern Idaho is heavily LDS so I sort of expected Idaho to go Romney.

    Whew – it turned into a full days work since we got there at 4pm. We had about a thousand or so peeps at or caucus and getting them checked in was nightmare.

  2. Newt will not drop out just so Santorum can lose to Romney..He will stay in till the one knows what will happen on the way to Tampa. I for one will vote for Romney before I vote for Santorum and I am not alone.

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