Joe The Plumber Wins GOP Congressional Nod In Ohio As Dennis Kucinich Crashes And Burns

‘Joe The Plumber’ Wins Ohio GOP Nod For Congress – IBT

He rose to unlikely fame during the 2008 presidential election, becoming the voice of the American everyman.

And now Joe the Plumber has won the Republican nomination for Ohio’s largely Democrat 9th Congressional District, beating relative unknown real estate agent Steve Kraus.


Joe, real name Samuel Wurzelbacher, will face veteran Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur after she beat fellow liberal incumbent Dennis Kucinich to win her party’s nomination Tuesday night. The election requiring either Kaptur or Kucinich to surrender a seat was forced by redistricting.

Wurzelbacher, 38, who gained the “plumber” moniker for accosting then-candidate Barack Obama over taxes on a campaign stop four years ago, came into the contest with a clear advantage and even won the endorsement of former hopeful Herman Cain.

Only last week, Wurzelbacher told Ohioans he would be running against either Kaptur or Kucinich, having been assured of victory in the primary, the Plain Dealer of Cleveland reported.

Speaking to the Dayton Daily News last year, Wurzelbacher said he wasn’t going to run on fame alone.

“I’ve been Joe the Plumber for three years now,” he said. “I haven’t made millions of dollars off it.”

Instead he has stuck to traditional conservative themes of dismantling big government and bringing his “outsider” approach to Washington politics.

“I don’t know many people that really, truly want to drive a Leaf,” he recently told Fox News Toledo, referring to Nissan’s plug-in electric car. “I drive a big Dodge four-by-four truck and I love leaving a carbon footprint wherever I go.”

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4 thoughts on “Joe The Plumber Wins GOP Congressional Nod In Ohio As Dennis Kucinich Crashes And Burns”

  1. They’re ALL crooks! GOP/DEMs. None of these congressional thugs are doing anything to restore peace and civility to the working class or even the middle class professionals such as teachers, professors and doctors! Everything with regards to legislation is only designed to benefit crooks like on Wall Street, financial institutions and corrupt corporations while the rest of us struggle everyday just to merely exist! Broke punks like Joe and failed medical providers like Ron Paul and that rug head son of his are only working as congressional crooks because that is the only job they are assured a paycheck without doing hardly any work…not because they want to represent the people! Congress should be completely dismantled because they do NOT represent the people who VOTED for them but rather big money and big corporations. Citizens should only vote for mayors or governors (eg. since it is a lot easier to fire them in those positions) and leave the congressional slots empty!
    Mad Citizen

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