Dumbest school suspension evah?

Not sure where this one ranks, but it is up there!

Toronto Star:

A Catholic high school student is appealing a suspension he received after distributing a Valentine’s Day letter to classmates that praised women’s inner beauty.

“Real attractiveness comes from having a certain dignity,” wrote Paul Gomille, a 17-year-old student at Archbishop Denis O’Connor Catholic High School.

Initially, Principal Donna Modeste was on board with his idea, said Gomille, who wanted to deliver his message as a speech.

But later, Modeste suggested some revisions to the address, in particular sentences where Gomille is “judgmental” and describes his audience as “the ones that don’t talk about people behind their backs, the ones that guys don’t flock to in droves, the ones that don’t dress in revealing clothing.”

Gomille didn’t comply with Modeste and ultimately decided to make 136 copies of his speech — the approximate number of students who sit in the cafeteria — and distribute them on Feb. 14, during lunch.

Hours later, he was summoned to the principal’s office and handed a two-day suspension for his “opposition to authority.” Gomille served his at-home suspension on Feb 15 and 16.

What was the offending passage?

The people this message concerns are the young women of this school, and of the world. In particular, it concerns the silent ones, the intelligent ones, the ones that don’t talk about people behind their backs, the ones that guys don’t flock to in droves, the ones that don’t dress in revealing clothing, the ones who would love to be in love, and the ones that are continually disappointed in their appearance because the only thing they have to compare themselves to are the women that have been put on pedestals by our society. This message also concerns those of you who may consider yourselves the so called “opposite” to the demographic I just described. The ones who do dress in revealing clothing, and the ones who try to fit in with the crowd.

H’T Blazing Cat Fur

And the Speech codes continue. One day, if we are not careful, we will all be too scared to even speak, and of course, that IS what the Left wants isn’t it?

Conservative Blog & Conservative News Source for Right of Center Activists | RedState

“That language is insulting, in my opinion. It’s incendiary and most of all, it’s a distraction. It’s a distraction from what are very real and important issues,” said Fiorina on CBS’s “This Morning.”

Well of course Rush Limbaugh was being insulting. He was using it and sarcasm to highlight the absurdity of Sandra Fluke and the left’s position, which in a nut shell is they think you, me, and every other American should pay for them to have sex.

They call it “women’s health”, but the language associated with it involves pregnancy and sex. They have, in other words, turned “women’s health” into a euphemism for having sex.

Bill Quick lays it on the line, I could not agree any more with him

Of course. This is the leftist, Alinskyite strategy: change the very meaning of language so that not only can you not talk about opposing the left, it becomes difficult even to think about such opposition.

That’s why I’m so brutal in my own use of language. I call “post birth abortion” cold blooded murder. I call “leftists” communists, because in the end, they all worship at the dark altar of Karl Marx. (We already know what you are – now we’re just dickering over price…).

We who love liberty in America are in a war to the death (of liberty) with the communists. It is a war of ideas, and must of necessity be fought with words. Don’t let them take the words we need to wage that fight away from us.


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