RIP Andrew Breitbart

Ed already posted a touching tribute to one of our greatest Conservative Warriors, Andrew Breitbart, but I have just a couple of thoughts to add.

First, and most importantly, I am deeply saddened for his wife and children, and I pray that God gives them peace and strength in this time of immeasurable sorrow.

Secondly, Andrew was one of those Conservative champions I most wanted to meet, and chat with. Anyone who does what Ed and I do here owes Andrew Breitbart many thanks, and I regret that I will never have a chance to express my gratitude to Andrew. I can’t help but feeling that I am worse for never getting an opportunity to meet Andrew. Even though we never met, I felt a kinship with people like Andrew Breitbart.

Finally, I think the best possible memorial we can ever give to Andrew Breitbart is to fight as hard, and tirelessly as he did for this nation. May God bless and keep you Andrew! We here at The Daley Gator will do our best to carry on the fight you waged so valiantly.

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