Obama hires director who made ” An Inconvenient Truth” to make another movie full of lies……..

…about Obama

President Obama’s campaign has hired Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim to produce a short film chronicling the first three years of his administration, Julianna Goldman of Bloomberg reports.

The campaign paid more than $160,000 for the film, which is less than 30 minutes long and set to be released in the coming weeks, Goldman reports.

Here is a thought, Michelle Obama was talking yesterday about how some families are “hurting”. Interesting that she uttered those words at  a fundraiser where people paid $10,000 each to attend. There were 300 people there, so, that is 3 million dollars. Add in the $160,000 Team Obama will spend on this film. How many “hurting” families would that money help? How many more could be helped by the billion dollars the president will raise to be re-elected?

President Barack Obama and the First Lady Mich...
Image via Wikipedia

Now,I am not saying that President Obama should give all of his campaign funds to charity, but, I would like at least one reporter, this election season to ask President Obama this question. Mr. President, don’t you think that, at some point, you have raised enough money for your campaign? Or maybe the reporter might suggest that all that money might do more good if it was, “spread around”. Now that would be enjoyable to see.

Here is another question for The First Lady.Don’t you think,at some point, you have taken enough vacations?

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