Demented Old Gasbag bashes Catholics for “Imposing their ideological view””

Seriously: Could Pelosi be any more hypocritical?

Via Beltway Confidential:

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., argued today that Roman Catholic and other religious leaders who opposed President Obama’s contraception mandate and accomodation simply attempted to impose “an ideological point of view” on Americans rather than express a sincere concern about religious freedom

“I think that really showed their hand,” Pelosi said of the opposition to the mandate-with-accomodation that Obama announced. “It wasn’t about church and state, it was about an ideological point of view that flies in the face, again, of the respect that we need to  have to have for women, the God-given free will that we have to have responsibility for the role that women’s health plays in the lives of their families and in our country, and the strength of women,” she said.

Of course! Now anyone who opposes Obama’s encroachment upon religious freedom does not respect women! Good Grief! NO, No NO! This has NOTHING to do with respect Ms Pelosi, nothing at all. Instead, it has every damn thing to do with Leftists, like YOU Ms. Pelosi, seeking to use government coercion to trample upon our basic liberties!

This is about YOU, Ms Pelosi, seeking to force Americans to pay for things they find abhorrent! And yes, this is certainly all about power-hungry miscreants like YOU Ms. Pelosi shredding our Constitution.

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